Under Review--Harlem's Fried Fish Church Returns; Authenticity Is the Name of Keste's Pizza Game

This week in the Voice, Our Man Sietsema gets to fulfill his hankering for A Taste of Seafood once again, while Sarah DiGregorio channels her inner Napolitana at Keste.

Fatty Crab UWS earns a deuce from Bruni, who finds a sense of fun in such specialties as the fatty dog, "a pork shoulder sausage that's seasoned with XO sauce and tucked into not just a bun but a party: pickled chili, pickled radish, pickled garlic and mayonnaise."
[NY Times]

TONY heads to Williamsburg to check out Vutera, deeming the "Mediterranean-leaning menu from chef Molly Del Monte (Little Giant) ... charmingly simple."

The New Yorker soaks up the scene at Delicatessen, where "the food isn't really the point... If Topshop were a restaurant, it would be this restaurant."
[New Yorker]

Alan Richman reports on five proper prix-fixe menus, highlighting Le Cirque ("where I would lunch every day if I lived in one of the Beacon Court condos above the restaurant") and Cafe Boulud ("superb value plus ridiculously good service").
[GQ @ men.style]

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