Tea Bagging

Folks interested in food art ignore the burgeoning crop of design blogs at their peril. On the left is a sculpture of a dress on a hanger by designer Lauren Wyrick Kennedy, as seen on Flywheel Design's blog, okaygreat.com.

Entitled "Gently pull up," the art is made of tea bags stitched together--and, if you were the purchaser, you might just use it to brew one humongous cup of ice tea. It was exhibited at the Durham (North Carolina) Art Council.

The piece supposedly "explores the artist's ambivalence toward women's traditional domestic roles."

(click for a better fit)

A quick scamper around the web, though, indicates that there are no unique ideas in the world. The flckr collection Made by Ang includes several creative uses of used tea bags in the realm of fashion.


You, too can look like Marie Antoinette in tea bags!


Here's this little number from the Celestial Seasonings website, made entirely of tea bags made by you-know-who.

Finally, from blogger Roz Veevers, is yet another piece of tea bag apparel--this one a kimono made by her sister. Strangely, it also hails from Durham, North Carolina. We bet if you visited, you'd find everyone tea bagging!

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