Vegetarian Delights of NYC--Eggplant Parmigiano at Leo's Latticini


The supremely wonderful eggplant parm at Leo's Latticini (click to elongate).

Most eggplant parmigiano heroes deploy sodden fried eggplant slices that might have been stepped on by hundreds of feet. Not so at Leo's Latticini (also known as Mama's), located in the backwoods of Corona, Queens. The fried eggplant is fluffy, the breading minimal, and the cheese just about the best you can find anywhere--because you're getting the sandwich at a place that manufactures mozzarella and ricotta. The hero is easily enough for two, and you can eat it in the backyard of the bakery two stores down, which is owned by the same proprietors. The place closes at 5 pm or 6 pm depending on the day, so go early. 46-01 104th Street, Corona, Queens, 718-898-6069

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