Weekend Special--Random Items From the Culinary Picture Press


Our Fork in the Road photographers stumbled on this retired hot-dog cart at the corner of Throop (pronounced "Troop") and Kosciusko in Bedford-Stuyvesant, repurposed as a pigeon coop.

make the jump to see a detail, and for more amusing photos

Here's a detail of the pigeon coop hot dog cart.


From the platform of the #3 train in Brownsville, Brooklyn, we spotted this forlorn phoolourie (also spelled "poolouri") truck, penned in by a fence, and hence permanently out of commission. It also served other Trinidadian snacks and sandwiches, such as bake and shark, a popular beach favorite on the island.


Our thoughts exactly!


We encountered this ultra-locavoric farmer at a bar in Williamsburg. Wearing a pot of organic spinach on her head, she's never very far from a nourishing and wholesome snack!

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