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Call them hot dogs, franks, weenies, floaters, or tube steaks, New Yorkers love them, whether as impromptu snacks or full-blown meals. And now that the recession is upon us, we love them more than ever. Said to have originated in Frankfurt, Germany, these sausages--filled with a pork or beef or beef-pork forcemeat--were popularized in Coney Island 150 years ago, where they were first sold from pushcarts, in which the sausages were boiled over a charcoal fire.

Fork in the Road has picked Our Top Ten franks, but this time we haven't limited ourselves to the five boroughs and a sliver of New Jersey. Rather, we've ranged over two states--at least those parts you can reach with a two- or three-hour drive. See if you agree, and please tell us the places we've missed.

Did Nathan's Famous make the top ten? See below to find out.

1. Rutt's Hut (417 River Rd Clifton, NJ, 973-779-8615)
2. Nathan's Famous (Surf and Stillwell Avenues, Brooklyn, 718-946-2202)
3. Gray's Papaya (402 Sixth Avenue, 212-260-3532)
4. Crif Dogs (113 St. Marks Place, 212-614-2728)
5. Gus's Hotdogs (212 25th Street, Watervliet, NY, 518-273-8743)
6. Boulevard Drinks (48 Journal Square, Jersey City, NJ, 201-656-1855)
7. Walter's Hot Dog Stand (937 Palmer Avenue, Mamaroneck, NY, 234-567-8910)
8. Hot Dog Johnny's (U.S. Highway 46, Buttzville, NJ, 908-453-2882)
9. Jumbo Hot Dogs (149 Canal Street, no phone)
10.F & B Gudt Food (269 West 23rd Street, 646-486-4441)

Runners-up: Papaya King (179 East 86th Street, 212-369-0648); Willie's Dawgs (351 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-832-2941); Shake Shack (11 Madison Avenue, 212-889-6600); New York Hotdog and Coffee (245 Bleecker Street, 917-388-2608)

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