Appetizing in Borough Park, Brooklyn

From Schwartz Appetizing: Smoked sable, matjash herring and a whole smoked mackerel all for $23
Found at Appetizing Plus: Smoked sable for $5 from local Brooklyn company Tuv Taam
The best and most iconic New York appetizing shop is probably Russ and Daughters, but a few good alternatives can also be found in Borough Park. The neighborhood is home to one of the largest Orthodox Jewish communities outside of Israel. Up and down Sixteenth and Eighteenth Avenues are bakeries, dairy restaurants, lots of kosher pizza joints, and the odd appetizing shop--a place that sells dairy products, smoked, cured, and pickled fish, and sometimes bagels and bialys.

Schwartz Appetizing is a small shop with a nice selection of fish salads, homemade gefilte fish, whitefish (smoked whole or shredded in a salad), smoked sable, lox, and herring--all at extremely fair prices. A whole smoked mackerel, with dense, rich flesh, sets you back only $8. Their smoked sable is buttery and mild, and at least five different kinds of herring can be found in the refrigerated section. There's herring with schmaltz, with sour cream, with wine, plain pickled herring, and matjash herring, which are made from skinned fillets of the young fish, brined with onions--delicious.

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