The Real Food Porn: Hot Dog Archive (NSFW)

In July, in response to a complaint from our editor ("C'mon, that expression is so tired and overused!"), Fork in the Road decided to do away with the expression "food porn"--but only as it applied to glowing descriptions of actual food. Digging deep into our vast picture archives, we discovered that there really is such a thing as actual food porn--soft- and hard-core pornography that uses food literally, or as a metaphor for sex. (See our first effort, here.)

One whole body of photographic material concerns hot dogs, and we found hundreds of examples. Some of it is funny and some of it is just sick--we leave it to you to make value judgements. For our part, we hate the stuff, but offer what's on the following pages as a sort of warning: Never confuse food and sex! (That means, don't watch The Naughty Chef!)

Click on "continue reading" to acknowledge that you are at least 18.

One body of material features women and weenies. Here are a couple of examples.


It makes you wonder: Where can I get that natty lettuce bikini?


How many weenies have been lost in that expansive cleavage?

From this point on, things get really gamy. We beg you not to turn the page!

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