Crazy Food Claims: Cocoa Krispies 'Support Immunity'

The dubious "Smart Choices" label often seen on packets of junk food is being scrutinized by the FDA, and now, Marion Nestle gets on the Atlantic Food Channel to report that the San Francisco Attorney General has sent a letter to Kelloggs asking to see the research that supports the claim that Cocoa Krispies somehow supports the immune system. The smart money is on Kellogg's quietly making that claim disappear--unless there's some new, groundbreaking study out there that proves that refined sugars prevent swine flu.

But a quick perusal of your neighborhood grocery store turns up all sorts of easy promises. If you believe everything you read, the cereal aisle alone is the font of eternal youth and skinniness.

Special K will make you drop a size in two weeks! If you starve yourself.

Fruit Loops are a smart choice because they have fiber! Which will keep your kid regular, but won't keep him from getting diabetes.

Tang has half the sugar of juice, so it must be better for you than juice. (Never mind that the first two ingredients are sugar and citric acid.) Plus, "Fruitrition," whatever that is.

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