Death & Co. Turns Into a Pumpkin

Cocktail enthusiasts will be thrilled to hear that Death & Co. has finally, officially, traded in its Cinderella license for a big-girl liquor license, allowing it to stay open past midnight. This past Friday and Saturday, the bar was open till 2 a.m. Sunday through Thursday hours are until 1 a.m. The cocktail den's State Liquor Authority saga has been drawn out: After failing to renew its liquor license late last year, owner David Kaplan sued the SLA and won. The liquor license was reinstated this past summer, and has now gone into full effect.

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considering the fact that I did 90% of the construction of this bar , I have to say "HOORAY"what happened to J hurley the guy who lives upstairs? He tried to shut the place down numerous times

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