All of the Apples Available at the Union Square Farmers' Market, 11/12/09

AMBROSIA (British Columbia, new cultivar, sweet, not bad for eating)

This picture file is the result of a visit to the Union Square Farmers' Market on Saturday, November 12, 2009, and represents an accurate record of every apple available for sale, 30 in total. The apples are presented in alphabetical order, allowing you to quickly locate an apple by name. The caption provides information on origin, flavor, and uses. An asterisk indicates an heirloom apple of comparatively great antiquity.

(Click on any picture to enlarge.)

BALDWIN* (18th century, tart, best for pies and cider)

BLACK TWIG* (19th century Arkansas apple, large and extremely tart)

BLUSHING GOLDEN (distinctive orange-red color, keeps well in the fridge)

CAMEO (sweet, juicy, and crisp)

CORTLAND* (1915, Geneva, New York, firm and tart, salads)

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