IFC's Dinner With the Band (Yawn)

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Sharon Jones of Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings peers into a big pitcher of God-knows-what.

It's hard to decide whether Dinner With the Band represents the end of reality cooking shows, or the end of indie rock. Or both.

The show features chef Sam Mason--formerly of the Soho restaurant Tailor, who looks like the devil incarnate--woodenly explaining how to make a few simple recipes, which are apparently formulated with the indie-band-of-the-evening in mind. The band stands nervously around, cracks a few canned jokes ("I guess you're never too old to learn" quips Sharon Jones), and dutifully files into another room to do a few songs, interrupting the cooking action on cue every five or six minutes.

The band isn't setting the world on fire. It plays a pastiche of older and much finer funk and soul. Predictably, Sam does a mixologist turn, concocting a martini out of simple syrup and coffee crystals. Can anything made with coffee crystals be any good?

Sam Mason, doing a good imitation of Lucifer, with two of the Dap Kings.

Oddly, the show is exactly 23 minutes long. This is a blessing, since it may enable you to watch another episode. After the tepid conclusion of the show, an artsy commercial for Blue Moon beer (made by Coors) gives way to a contest that they hope will leave you wagging your tail back and forth like a contented dog: The prize is two tickets to "an indie rock show." Wow!

Watching Dinner With the Band is like watching Brussels sprouts grow.


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