The Real Food Porn: The Joys of Cooking Topless (NSFW)

It's time to dip deep into the Fork in the Road archive, for some semi-obscene photos that explore the depths of human depravity, an uncharted territory wherein sex and eating are entirely confused, body fluids mix with effete French sauces, and who knows what can end up in the crock pot? We ask anyone less than 18 years of age to turn away, and those of tender sensibilities to simply turn to the next post. Don't say we didn't warn you!

In the old days, mom knew how to keep dad at home. She'd simply uncinch her blouse, free her breasts, and dig out a box of cake mix. Instead of going out to a card game with his pals, or jumping into the car to go to an Elks Club meeting, he'd stay at home and watch the show.

Sometimes something savory works better than something sweet...


At other times, bread was the foodstuff of choice, and there was nothing more mesmerizing that watching a suburban housewife cut dough with a knife.


Often, the husband would get so into the nude cooking display, he'd doff his own clothes, but the after-work exertion entailed would sometimes make him pass out before the sandwich was finished.

On rare occasions, the husband would not only disrobe, but get involved in the cooking himself.

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