Improvisational Adventures in the Kitchen: Roasting Chicken and Stuffing With Rachael Ray

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I had a small chicken from Hoosic [sic] River Poultry in the farmers' market. I wanted to roast it. Memory of the skipped Thanksgiving made me crave the only thing I like about Thanksgiving--the stuffing.

Accordingly, I decided to make my own, although going up against Pepperidge Farm is a formidable obstacle. I'm not talking fancy cookbook stuffing here, laden with cranberries and oysters. What I wanted was the kind of stuffing that came in a box reeking of sage.

I had a couple of stale half-loaves of bread in the fridge (who doesn't?), so I went at them with a cleaver, with crumbs, crusts, and bigger hunks of bread interior flying in every direction, sometimes hitting the wall of my kitchen and sometimes hitting the floor.

But since the chicken was small, and the neck mainly missing, I couldn't make a chicken broth of what what would be left over after tossing the bird in the roasting pan; neither did I want to deprive my bird of wings or legs in order to make a broth for the stuffing. Accordingly, I reached for Rachael Ray--by which I mean the Rachael Ray Chicken Broth which I'd scored weeks earlier during an addled ramble through a regular supermarket, something I rarely do.


The small chicken from Hoosic [sic] River Poultry seems to be doing the backstroke.

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