Our Ten Best: Brooklyn Bars

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The best thing about drinking in Brooklyn is how incredibly diverse the options are. You can belly up the bar in an old sailor's hangout, or a place where they make their own bitters, a spot with 19-century charm, or one with no charm at all. A stellar Brooklyn bar might be a neighborhood time capsule; a comfy place with ultra-cheap beer; a hang-out with a superior jukebox; a place where the bartenders know you; a cultural touchstone; a mecca of craft beers; or just a great cocktail joint with a pool table.

In putting together this list, we didn't consider food. We're talking about bars--not wine bars, not pubs--places that are primarily drinking establishments. We did place a premium on atmosphere, company, value, and the quality of the beverages. Turn the page to see our list of runners up.

Denny's is a decades-old Kensington institution--beer is cheap, and My Man Godfrey might be on the TV

Our 14 runners up, in rough order of preference:

Irish Haven (5721 Fourth Avenue, Sunset Park, 718-439-9893)
Clover Club (210 Smith Street, Carroll Gardens, 718-855-7939)
Denny's Steak Pub (106 Beverley Road, Kensington, 718-435-2156)
Ruby's Bar and Grill (1213 Boardwalk West, Coney Island, 718-372-9079)
Quarter (676 Fifth Avenue, Greenwood Heights/Sunset Park, 718-788-0989)
Weather Up (589 Vanderbilt Avenue, Prospect Heights)
Beer Island (3070 Stillwell Avenue, Coney Island)
Barcade (388 Union Avenue, Williamsburg, 718-302-6464)
Botanica (220 Conover Street, Red Hook, 718-797-2297)
Franklin Park (618 Saint Johns Place, Crown Heights, 718-975-0196)
Union Pool (484 Union Avenue, Williamsburg, 718-609-0484)
Beer Table (427 Seventh Avenue, Park Slope, 718-965-1196)
Moonshine (317 Columbia Street, Red Hook, 718-852-8057)
Sycamore Bar (1118 Cortelyou Road, Ditmas Park, 347-240-5850)

Red Hook's Moonshine offers beer, whiskey, and bulldogs--what else could you need?

Soldier on to find out which establishments made the top 10.

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