Pix From Saltie, a Sandwich Shop in Williamsburg

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The exact composition of the in-a-glass dessert "pipe bomb" may not be revealed. But go to Saltie and get blown up by one.

Sliding into Saltie on a smooth slather of ricotta, Counter Culture in this week's Voice takes a look at the new sandwich shop on Metropolitan helmed by three seafaring women from Marlow & Sons.

The place offers a limited menu of six or seven sandwiches per day, utilizing, where possible, seasonal produce, and thoughtfully sourced other materials. The sandwiches tend to be sloppy but good, and a strategy is required to consume them. Nearly everything I tried I liked; here is a collection of photos that reflects my preferences. Rumor has it that dinners will also eventually be offered.

The "Captain's Daughter" shows where the parsley mentioned in the full review went. Roll, capers, roll!

Compounded mainly of scrambled eggs and ricotta, the "Ship's Biscuit" is my favorite.

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