Vegetarian (and Vegan) Delights of NYC: The 'Mediterranean Tapas' at Kashkaval

Several friends had warmly recommended Kashkaval before I had a chance to drop by. It's located in the vicinity of Columbus Circle, which is a restaurant wasteland unless you have a wad of cash to wave around.

The front is a grocery store specializing in cheese, cold cuts, and salad, and these same substances form the core of the menu. The salads on display in the cold case are a particularly good deal, you can readily go vegetarian or vegan and have a wonderful meal.

The $18 assortment of six, chosen from a list of 22, includes many familiar and unfamiliar choices, and easily feeds four or five as an appetizer, or two or even three as a main course. The waitress readily provides a wealth of warmed pitas, and you can get even more if you ask.


Flip over to see our vegan meal at Kashkaval

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