Rachael Ray Artist Saves Chicken, Paints Mario Batali as Christ

This naked chick will save another.
Alex Gardega, the artist whose nude Rachael Ray portrait is up for bid on eBay (currently going for $107.50), says he will put the money he gets from selling his art to good use.

"I am using the proceeds to save a chicken I adopted that was loose on the streets of NYC," he explains, pointing to a NY Post article that first exposed the rogue bird.

Gardega isn't done with foodie portraits, however. In fact, his next subject is sure to get the attention of epicureans everywhere:

"My next painting is the crucifixion of Mario Batali," he reveals. "I am not sure why I am on a food kick in my art, but I am just going with it."

What disturbing blasphemy.

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