Some Excellent Photos of Vesuvio's Old Ovens

Picture 4.png
Chris Callis
One of Vesuvio's coal-fired ovens.
The old Vesuvio Bakery was recently resurrected as the newest outpost of Maury Rubin's Birdbath Bakery, relieving preservationists and carbophiles who'd feared it would mutate into a Chase bank or accessories store. And although Rubin revamped the space to reflect his eco-progressive philosophy, it looks like he also maintains some reverence for the past.

Over on Lost City, Brooks of Sheffield posts some photos Rubin sent him of Vesuvio's ancient coal-fired ovens, which were carved out of the subterranean soil beneath the bakery many, many years ago. A study in functional antiquity, they're lovely to behold, and inspire wistful fantasies of a true underground bakery warming the pavement of Prince Street.

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