The Blogroll Gazette: Virgin's Breast Pastries, Cod Semen & Sexy Chefs

This week in food blogs...

Eat Me Daily rounded up the best cookbooks not of the year but of the entire decade. Let's hope the teens will be as great as the aughties.

Slashfood listed the five worst dishes to bring to a party, including breath-ruining hummus, smile-marring spinach, and Cabernet Sauvignon.

The Food Section discovered the Zoku Quick Pop Maker, a device that pops out frozen popsicles in moments.

Salon Food examined "virgin's breasts," devotional pastries that pay tribute to Saint Agatha, patron saint of the Sicilian city of Catania.

The Atlantic Food Channel tackled the question of "what to do when cod semen is served."

Midtown Lunch got the inside scoop on food cart favorite Jamaican Duchy's prolonged vacation: they'll be back on the street soon with Jamaica Dogs!

Eater got its annual sexy chefs contest underway, with Xie Xie's Angelo Sosa, Sorella's Emma Hearst, and Boqueria's Seamus Mullen making the cut.

Grub Street discovered that the premise for food-centric movie The Slammin' Salmon was inspired by the now defunct Busby's on the Upper East Side.

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