Weekend Special: Christmas Leftovers

You've opened all your totally enjoyable presents, eaten literally thousands of decorated Christmas cookies, knocked back bumpers of nog and wassail--now's the time to sit back like Scrooge and take stock of the stranger Xmas apparitions...

The usual advent calendar is a paper hunk of crap with little tiny windows, openable only by the tiniest of fingers. Here's an advent calendar that adults can get into.

This year, there were no lack of presents for obsessive coffee drinkers: the expensive half-pound bag of Stumptown, the bon bons filled with coffee fondant, the coffee-flavored mints, that new espresso machine, in addition to coffee t-shirts that say "I [heart] java!", key rings, crested mugs, thermoses shaped like a rocket ships, and other icons of coffee consumption. But, its packaging encountered in a snow drift, here's an Xmas coffee fantatic's present we hadn't counted on...

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