Where Do I Get the Best Dim Sum in NYC?

Down the hatch goes the excellent tripe at Dun Huang, as friends look on enviously.

As a restaurant critic, the question I'm most often asked is where to find the best dim sum in town. Five years ago, I would have had to hang my head in shame, and offer no suggestions. Today, you can find really great dim sum in at least three boroughs.

A new yellow awning heralds Manhattan Chinatown's latest dim sum parlor.

One of my favorite places used to be the generic sounding Oriental Food Restaurant on Mott Street just north of Canal. When that place changed hands a few weeks ago, I could barely contain myself as I waited for the new place to settle down.

The newcomer is Dun Huang Seafood Restaurant, and, though the layout of the large dining room remains the same, the premises have been completely spruced up, including gold-colored fabric draped over the chairs, and the usual dragon and phoenix with blinking eyes. Now there are waitresses in addition to waiters, both wearing handsome tailored suits and red silk ties.

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