Brunch Report: Aangan, an Indian Restaurant on the Upper West Side

The vegetarian thali at Aangan is a delicious good deal.

One of the most popular methods of dining in India is grazing a smorgasbord of small dishes on a tray called a thali.

The small but comfortable dining room at Aangan features quilted bronze pleather on the walls.

Aangan, a new Indian restaurant on the Upper West Side at 103rd Street, offers a nifty menu of lunch specials, which are available on the weekends, making it a perfect unpretentious brunch spot.

You won't find pitchers of "free" mimosas, but you will find a full bar if you so desire, and a large menu that includes a pair of thalis, one vegetarian, one carnivorous, each with a couple of choices for the main dishes deposited in the metal cups, for less that $10.

Thalis are a fun way to dine, an explosion of flavors. Each thali also comes with a prefatory salad and a big basket of naan. The carnivorous thali includes choices of both chicken and lamb. 2701 Broadway, 212-280-4100

Forge ahead for more pictures of Aangan brunch.

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