Fork in the Road Diet: The Soaps of Brooklyn's Meow Meow Tweet

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The paleness of the fennel soap offers no clue to its extreme fragrance.

I was sitting in my bathtub recently, wishing I could be eating instead of bathing, when a powerful odor assailed my nostrils.

It was the bar of meowmeowtweet soap I'd received for Christmas, which, already after being barely moistened, was flinging off scents like a spice warehouse on fire.

This particular odor was a fennel so pungent that it made the smell of a licorice whip pressed against your nostrils seem pale by comparison. Underpinning the fennel were further whiffs of orange and mint. If you closed your eyes, you'd swear there was a very nice fruit salad sitting right in front of you.

As I lounged chest-deep in murky water, inhaling the soap like a meth addict sucks in that single last puff of crank, I realized that, in some senses, I no longer needed to eat. The soap smell was every bit as satisfying.

And the other soaps in the collection--lavender with lemon peel, and cinnamon coffee--were every bit as edible smelling. So, when you feel hungry, run a bath, lie back in the warm water--and sniff instead of scarf. It's the Fork in the Road diet.


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