Former Bandol Bistro to Become Carpe Diem

Picture 1.png
Carpe Diem will bring Italian food to East 78th Street.
When Bandol opened on East 78th Street in 1999, the French bistro got a lot of love from Eric Asimov, who praised its "very good" food and "warm and neighborly" atmosphere. He noted that its wine, however, fell "short of the ideal." Ten years later, so, apparently, did business.

Bandol closed sometime last year, and now it looks like French will become Italian, if the above photo is any indication. A restaurant named Carpe Diem is in the works, complete with "help wanted" signs in the window. The owners went before Community Board 8 last November for an application for a liquor license, indication there will be liquid sustenance to wash down the pasta.

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