Our 10 Best Kitchen Stores

Do you go potty for pots and pans? Yeah, us too.

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A week into 2010 and you're already struggling to keep your New Year's resolutions. Eat better? Sure would be easier with a new juicer. Drink better wine? You'll need classier wine glasses for that. Cook more at home? You'd best get yourself some decent knives first. Of course, you did get that combination garlic press-bottle opener from your mom. But wouldn't it make you happier to return it (or re-gift it) and get yourself something you really want? The answer to all these questions is yes. So, break out the wish list and head to one of our 10 Best Kitchen Stores.

But first, which ones didn't quite make the cut?

We've found great plates, glasses, pots, pans, gadgets, and gewgaws at these shops. Presenting the runners up:

Korin Japanese Trading Corporation:
57 Warren Street, 212-587-7021
Tableware and knives, knives, knives!

Sur La Table: 75 Spring Street, 212-966-3375
Dinnerware, small appliances, cookbooks, fancy condiments.

Global Table: 109 Sullivan Street, 212-431-5839
Glassware, dinnerware, silverware.

Cook's Companion:
197 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-852-6901
Knives, knife sharpening, bakeware, cast iron.

Surprise! Surprise!: 91 Third Avenue, 212-777-0990
Cutlery, kitchen tools, glassware, fridge magnets.

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