Pix from Northeast Taste Chinese, a Dongbei Restaurant in Flushing

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A very appealing display of neon blazes forth from Northeast Taste Chinese Food.

This week, Counter Culture takes minutes at a meeting of the Organ Meat Society, which sought out variety meats at one of Flushing's newish Chinese restaurants from Dongbei, in extreme northeastern China, a region along the Yellow Sea that borders Korea.

Not only is the food organ-intensive (as the Society's dinner demonstrates), but it makes lavish use of eggs, cumin, chiles, and lamb, in a diet that looks to wheat for its starch, rather than rice.

Here, then, is a visual catalog of some of the food served there. Read the full review here.

The unusual meat-seafood combo of sea cucumber and pork belly is typical of Dongbei cuisine.

"Battered lamb kidney" came topped with shredded aromatics.

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