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As we slide down the wormhole leading to the weekend, we pause to reflect on the best posts of this four-day week:

Battle of the Dishes waged a blood sausage smackdown between Despana and Buenos Aires Steakhouse.

We ranked Our 10 Best Lower East Side Restaurants.

Strange Snacks of the World considered the merits of fudge-covered Ritz crackers.

Eben Freeman, Tailor's erstwhile drinks maven, is coming back to New York to throw a couple of parties.

Our Man Sietsema attended EN Brasserie's family meal and was enraptured by the event.

Brooklyn Home Brew has opened a store in Gowanus.

For her next project, blogger Cathy Erway will be planting a garden on the roof of Red Hook's Sixpoint Brewery.

Incredibly Cheap Eats found the dumplings at Flushing's Shandong Dumpling to be both affordable and delicious.

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