Pit Beef, Crabcakes, and Berger's Cookies: Things I Ate in Baltimore This Weekend

Located underneath Interstate 70, Pioneer Pit Beef has a reputation of being the best pit beef joint in town.

This weekend I went to Baltimore to visit friends and relatives, but what started out as a quiet mini-vacation ended up as a full-scale eating binge. Here are some of the highlights...

The gravy fries by themselves justify a visit to Pioneer Pit Beef, which is located on the far west side of town.

Pit Beef is a Baltimore specialty that's like a cross between Texas barbecue and Arby's. Beef is roasted over a pit fueled by either oak or charcoal, and sliced to your order anything from rare to well-done. Pioneer, at your request, will slather on the Tiger Sauce, which is like a thin horseradish mayo.

The perfect Baltimore pit beef sandwich: juicy pink with a smoky, caramelized rim.

Even though he's using an electric slicer, this guy's slicing the beef thick.

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