Mutant Citrus Invades Gourmet Garage

Hidden among the pink grapefruit and key limes, this strange-looking bird.

Gourmet Garage has always specialized in weird citrus. It was there that I first spotted the "hand of Buddha" orange, which is all orange skin and scraggly extrusions, a source of zest, but no sort of hand-fruit. But yesterday, another oddball orange-colored item appeared that I couldn't identify, and--wouldn't you know it--there was no identifying label, nor could the employees of the store tell me what it was.

These orange-colored citrus fruits had a nib at one end, and were elongated. They ranged in length from two to three inches and had a thin peel, which was exceedingly fragrant, like orange blossoms. But the fruit proved disappointing. It was so tart that my face screwed up into a grimace when I tasted it.

What could it be? I wondered. But a little googling led me to a tentative answer. If you can confirm or deny my identification, please do.

A comparison of the mystery fruit next to a common clementine (itself a product of genetic manipulation).

Turn page for the dramatic results.

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