(NSFW) Catching Up With America's Next Top Model: The Steak Tartare Episode (Where Is PETA When We Really Need Them?)

Every TV show has a point where it totally jumps the shark. With America's Next Top Model, it came during Episode 4 in Season 10. In the hour-long show, broadcast March 13, 2008, the contestants were brought to Manhattan's Meat Packing District and sequestered, scantily dressed, inside the cold room of a slaughterhouse, and then forced to wear clothes crudely made of meat. There was definitely something Hannibal Lecter (or even Ed Gein) about the sequence, which was repulsive and fascinating at the same time. One contestant complained about the smell, but no one uttered a word about the aesthetic or hygienic aspects--who wants to wear a salmonella sponge next to her skin? Or take a blood sponge bath?

Hmmm, these panties don't look comfortable, but they fit nice.

Like many people, I enjoy watching reality TV shows, but have trouble keeping up--there are so many. Accordingly, I depend on sequential repeats of the shows, and find it much easier (and more enjoyable) to watch an America's Next Top Model marathon, rather than trying to schedule a viewing each week at the same time. When Episode 4 came on, and the meat appeared, I immediately thought "Fork in the Road!" and grabbed my camera. Here are the results.

As I watched, I wondered, Where is PETA when we really need them? Their response to the show was tepid in the extreme--much easier to throw red paint on a fur coat that take on the moguls of reality TV shows.

As if daring the models to spatter blood on them, the gleeful crew dresses all in white.

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