Pix From Sapthagiri, a Vegetarian Indian Restaurant in Jersey City

Kanchipuram idly (weekends only) are turmeric-orange in color and come studded with cashew nuts, fresh ginger, and coriander leaf.

This week Counter Culture wigs out at Sapthagiri, a strictly vegetarian restaurant in Jersey City's Indian Square neighborhood, a three-block walk north of the PATH station at Journal Square. The vast range of snacks and main dishes from several Indian vegetarian traditions is unmatched in the metropolitan area.

Decorated with tiny colored lights, the interior of the restaurant is comfortable and unfussy.

Even meat eaters will never miss the meat, and the food is uniformly well prepared and piquantly spiced. Here then, is a gallery of some of the dishes worth eating (with one exception) at Sapthagiri ("Seven Hills").

The delightful onion paratha arrives confetti'ed with aromatics.

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