With T&T&A, the Real Food Porn Gets Its Own Book

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Here at Fork in the Road, we've enjoyed the occasional foray into the murky realm of real food porn. Now, an intrepid photographer jonesing for a book deal has gone one step farther, transforming his love for tacos and mammary glands into a volume titled, appropriately, T&T&A.

The book, which will published next month, features Tony Stamolis' color photos of what its publisher calls "topless women and cheap-ass Mexican food," and comes with an endorsement by none other than Ted Lee, an unassuming Southern gent better known for the cookbooks he's written with his brother, Matt. "These hot tamales may arouse you more viscerally than you ever expected," Ted writes on the book's (NSFW) website. Whatever. We know hard-pore cornography when we see it.

[Via The Food Section]

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