Dunkin' Donuts' New Waffle Breakfast Sandwich Versus McDonald's McGriddle

Left: McGriddle, Right: Waffle Sandwich
"Dunkin' Donuts is now the first national quick service restaurant chain to serve a breakfast sandwich featuring waffles," chirps the press release about the chain's limited-edition breakfast sandwich, available until April 15th. Except that the invention, with its maple-syrup-infused waffle, egg, sausage, and cheese is obviously a rip-off of McDonald's sweet-and-savory breakfast sandwich, the McGriddle. We wondered which one would emerge victorious in a side-by-side taste test.

In side view, it's obvious that the McGriddle is bulkier than the waffle sandwich.
Value: The McGriddle costs $3.09, while the waffle sandwich costs $3.59. Despite the lower price tag, the McGriddle is obviously the bulkier sandwich, so large that you have to unhinge your jaw like a python to fit it in your mouth. (Perhaps that's not an advantage if you're eating while driving or walking.) Accordingly, the McGriddle racks up 560 calories while the waffle sandwich comes in at 410.

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