Peaches HotHouse Is Open and Serving Nashville-Style Hot Chicken

A couple of weeks ago, Ben Grossman and Craig Samuel opened Peaches HotHouse in Bed-Stuy. As the Feed reports, it's the sister restaurant of Peaches, Grossman and Samuel's third restaurant (after the Smoke Joint and now-defunct Little Piggy Market), and serves such Southern treasures as cornmeal fried okra, crispy grit cakes, and Carolina Gold wild rice.

But perhaps most exciting of all for aficionados of still relatively obscure (in these parts, at least) Southern food is the news that the HotHouse is serving Nashville-style hot chicken. As the menu cautions, it's "extremely spicy," a detail that has made the dish --which is basically very spicy fried chicken -- something of a legend throughout the South. There are websites and a yearly festival in Nashville that celebrate it, and, as seen above, a short documentary about Prince's Hot Chicken, one of the most celebrated purveyors of the regional delicacy, which is so hot as to make tears of joy and pain virtually indistinguishable from one another.

There's no word yet on exactly how hot the hot chicken at Peaches HotHouse is, but it's likely only a matter of time before poultry enthusiasts begin weighing in on it, Scoville test kits in tow.

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