Gallery of the Pagan Easter Art: Funny Bunnies

A bug inside a pink bunny, showing how art turns everyday objects to sinister purposes.

Next week, Weekend Special will continue with its series Great Barbecues of Texas, but this week our subject will be the pagan symbolism of the rabbit in seasonal Easter art. So sit back, put your smoking jacket on and your feet up, and enjoy our gallery.

Sporting a green citrus hat, this fierce-looking bunny evokes a Saracen warrior, or maybe a football player.

Not content to merely worship rabbits, some acolytes insist on trying to clothe themselves in rabbit raiment, often to middling effect.

Ours in not the first age that has worshiped the bunny; it has been commemorated in numerous works of art from all ages.

Improvements in bunny nutrition have led to larger, healthier specimens.

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