Korean Fried Chicken Chain KyoChon Invades Midtown Manhattan in a Big Way

The "soy" flavored chicken wing is indeed delicious--but do you want to pay a pro-rated cost of $1.20 for it?

Three years ago, just as four Korean fried-chicken chains were making their beachheads along Northern Boulevard in Murray Hill, Queens, I did a comparative review of all the competing establishments.

The new New York flagship of the KyoChon fleet.

I dubbed KyoChon the best, giving it an A minus, and loved their two flavors of fried chicken--"soy" and "spicy"--though found both too sweet, and reviled the cole slaw, which was inundated in vanilla mayonnaise. I also noted that the chickens, though expensive, were gigantic specimens, and juicy, too.

Fast forward three years, and find the chain setting afloat a new flagship across the street from the Empire State Building, just down the block from where K! Pizzacone established itself a few weeks earlier. Clearly, when it comes to chain restaurants testing the waters in New York, they prefer marketing to tourists (who think everything in New York is wildly expensive), rather then to the much-more-critical and quality-conscious New Yorkers. We make tons of great fried chicken here already.

The sweeping glass stairway provides the focus of the arresting interior design. The uniforms of the attendants might have been borrowed from the Guardian Angels locker room.

The upstairs is clearly intended to resemble a cocktail lounge--on the moon.

Next: a better look at the food.

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