The Soy Luck Club: Five Great Veggie Burgers of New York

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Thick, juicy, and free of animal by-products.
Ah, the travails of the veggie burger. So often rubbery or mealy. Frequently over-soaked in the faux-chicory flavor that characterizes so many meat alternatives. Dry, floppy patties that can be more Soylent Green than green gourmet. But take heart, vegs of New York, good veggie burgers can still be found. Here are five of the tastiest served up around the City.

At Choice, choose the veggie burger.

Cafe Mocha

Sun-dried tomatoes, hummus, and fresh greens dress up this Lower East Side coffee-and-sandwich shop's generously sized $6.50 veggie burger. The patty is crisp on the outside and filled with bits of carrots. By themselves, the components are pretty basic, par for the veggie sandwich course, but they're rarely together on a burger. At Mocha, they give the meal a complex, rich, and earthy vibe. Really, a veritable bonanza of meatless goodies on a bun. [116 Second Avenue, 212-253-1046]

Choice Kitchens

The $7.50 patty at DUMBO's Choice doesn't stay in one piece for very long. But the masala motif makes you care little about texture. A splash of curry mayo adds kick to the ground lentil, rice, and barley burger. Slices of avocado, radish, and sprouts, coupled with a heaping helping of salad greens, make for a good contrast: cool and calm amid warm Indian spices. [108 Jay Street, Brooklyn, 718-797-1695]

The V-Spot

Smoky, crisp tempeh bacon and melted soy cheese top this Park Slope vegan hot spot's $8 veggie burger, making for a darned delicious sandwich. The patty is good, not remarkable--a bit better than your typical beans/lentils/soy mix. However, the sandwich as a whole excels if you want to eat a juicy, meaty meal--minus the meat, of course. Also, the vegan soy cheese is convincingly dairy-like. It has the texture and taste of milk-based cheddar. [156 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-622-2275]

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