Will the Real Cereal Milk Please Stand Up?

On the left: Tastyfood's Cereal Milk. On the right: Momofuku Milk Bar's Cereal Milk.

In late 2008 chef David Chang garnered lots of attention by introducing an ostensibly new product called cereal milk at his newly opened Momofuku Milk Bar.

Made by soaking breakfast cereal in milk, and then filtering the result, it was the brainchild of pastry chef Christina Tosi. The product was intended as a flashback to childhood, when certain of us supposedly enjoyed drinking the milk after we'd eaten the cereal even more than eating the cereal itself.

The recipe gained such momentum, in fact, that it was featured by Martha Stewart. But was it simply an eye-catching novelty, or a bonafide taste delight? Decadently, the recipe involves actually throwing the cereal away after the milk has been infused. My mom would have killed me.

The question recurred recently when Fork in the Road stumbled on a product actually called Cereal Milk in an Asian grocery store in Flushing. The product, sold in a stumpy beverage can, was manufactured by Tasty Foods of Singapore. Then and there we decided that a taste test was in order.

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