Some Photos From the Beard Awards and Its Boozy, Well-Fed Aftermath

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Rachel Wharton shows off the Beard Media award she picked up on Sunday for Best Food-Related Column.

Fork in the Road was at Avery Fisher Hall last night for the James Beard Awards and their boozy, overfed aftermath. Gin and caviar were dispensed freely in the press room, where journalists played dress-up and award winners pressed flesh, grinned amid the flashbulbs, and basked in adulation. The ceremony was but a three-hour warm-up for the gala that followed, where meticulously coiffed attendees bum-rushed long tables crowded with diminutive portions of expensive food, guzzled vast quantities of alcohol, and reveled in an atmosphere that most likely resembled that directly preceding the fall of the Roman empire. Click through for photos of the evening, or what we remember of it.

Nice ladies dispense American caviar in the press room.

Yet more caviar.

Two of Daniel Boulud's chefs whip up tasting portions of joy at the gala following the awards ceremony.

Grant Achatz, winner of the Outstanding Service Award, ready for one of many close-ups.

Gala alchemy.

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