Pix From Casa Calamari, a Sicilian Focacceria in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

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You won't find bigger--or better--calamari anywhere in town.

This week, Counter Culture sails in to Casa Calamari, one of Brooklyn's best red-sauced Italian joints, which also represents the last gasp of a Sicilian restaurant type known as a focacceria. Read the full review to find out just what that entails, but in the meantime, enjoy these pictures of the excellent food.

The restaurant occupies a busy corner near the southern end of Bay Ridge's long Restaurant Row.

Rigatoni with Italian sausage (four of them!) is one of the most satisfying pastas.

You can have your local Littlenecks or Cherrystones raw...

Or crumbed and roasted.

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Location Info

Casa Calamari

8602 Third Ave., Brooklyn, NY

Category: Restaurant

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