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As we prepare to slide into the oblivion of the holiday weekend, we pause briefly to look back on the best posts of the week that was:

Burger King's fire-grilled ribs have hit New York -- and they're actually not bad.

This is where mock duck comes from.

Here's a definitive list of America's Five Greatest Food Presidents.

Here's a gallery of the wild botanicals found at Saturday's City of Merchants market.

Pao's Portuguese bread pudding is an excellent way to spell g-u-t-b-o-m-b.

Battle of the Dishes pitted Montreal bagels and lox from Marketa and Mile End against one another.

Aquavit's Marcus Jernmark on Re-Scandinavianizing the Menu.

We ranked Our 10 Best Italian Heroes.

Ward III's Michael J. Neff talks Bespoke Cocktails.

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