The 10 Best Things to Eat Around Times Square, NYC

The $4 fried whiting sandwich from Kim's Aunt Kitchen is a culinary dream come true, and you can't get a better one, even up in Harlem.

Three weeks ago, in something of a bad mood, we reviled The 10 Worst Things to Eat Around Times Square, and they were really, really bad -- including a mayo-gobbed salad of fake crab meat, a sodden and stale knish from a street cart, and a glued-together foursome of "barbecue" sliders reeking of liquid smoke. No one would eat any of these things except out of sheer desperation, which is what tourists are faced with as they're herded around the city's worst tourist trap by their handlers.

This sainted Cuban lunch counter -- a literal stone's throw from Times Square -- easily makes our top 10 list.

Now, to make amends to those same abused tourists, and to let New Yorkers know that they don't necessarily have to give Times Square a wide berth if they're hungry, we present the 10 Best Things to Eat Around Times Square. So, tie on your bib, jump on the subway, and prepare to be dazzled with our gastronomic suggestions.

As always, if you disagree, or have your own suggestions of spectacular things we've missed, please jot them down in the Comments.

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St. Andrews

140 W. 46th St., New York, NY

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