50 Best Places for Foodies to Live in the U.S.

Happy foodies in Cheesequake, NJ, No. 27.
You've seen the tedious features on TV and in magazines that use demographics to tell you where to live. One city may be touted for its high income levels, another for its perfect weather or percentage of parkland within its municipal limits. Some studies consider the number of doctors per capita, while others evaluate the quality of the schools.

Addison Hare
You can live for peanuts in Goobertown, AR.

At Fork in the Road, we know that what foodies really want is to live in a place with a cool food-themed name. Imagine the pride when you whip out your business card, and the address says Hot Coffee, Mississippi, or Pigs Ear, Pennsylvania.

So, after hours of digging in dusty geographic gazetteers, making charter-plane flyovers, and visiting candidate towns, we offer the following ranked list of the best places for foodies to live in these United States. And if you know of some important places we've missed, please tell us. Also check out our 15 Most Unappetizing Place Names in the U.S.

Nothing hellish about this foodie paradise, cooled by Hudson River breezes.
50. Sugartit, KY
49. Hog'Em, ID
48. Coconut Creek, FL
47. Cabbage Corner, DE
46. Pepperbox, DE
45. Fancy Farm, KY
44. Honeypot Glen, CT
43. Goobertown, AR
42. Buttermilk, KS

41. Chicken, AK
40. Root Hog, ID
39. Hell's Kitchen, NYC
38. Two Eggs, FL
37. Sandwich, MA
36. Biscuit, NE
35. Fish Market, NH
34. Bread Loaf, VT
33. Suckabone, NY
32. Whiskey Flat, CA
31. Dumplin, TN

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