90 Minute Imperial IPA, Brewed by Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, Gets 89 Stars


This goosed-up I.P.A. comes on like gangbusters, with a more authoritative flavor than the pale and unexpectedly clear copper color suggests. It has an almost piney smell and a whopping 9 percent alcohol. Drink two and it's time for a nap.

The statement on the side of the bottle reads, "What you have here is an Imperial India Pale Ale featuring a single, constant 90 minute hop addition. It's balanced by a ridiculous amount of English Two-row Barley. Then we dry-hop it in every tank."

Translation: This strong India Pale Ale -- sometimes known as "Double IPA" -- has exaggerated hoppy notes balanced by extra malty sweetness, and an enhanced alcohol level. Hops are added continuously during a 90-minute period as the wort is boiled in copper kettles. Hops add bitterness and aroma to the beer.

Note: The same brewery makes a 120 Minute IPA with the alcohol content a whopping 18 percent.

Beer: Dogfish Head 90 Minute Imperial IPA
Color: Amber
Body: Full-bodied
Type: Strong India Pale Ale
Foam: Modest amount, yellowish, quite dense
Brewer: Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, Milton, Delaware
Size: 12 fluid ounces, rustic red and sand recycled paper label
Alcohol: 9 percent
Price: $3.99
Rating: 89 stars
The Rating System: Out of 100 possible stars. Coors Light is arbitrarily assigned "0," and we're not telling you what "100" is, because we don't want to reveal our beer prejudices.


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