Good Guts: Our 10 Best Offal Dishes

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El Quinto Pino's fried lamb intestines taste like lamb potato chips.
Nose-to-tail eating has become fashionable in the last 12 years or so, but offal never really needed the help. Anywhere you find good food you also likely find that eat-it-all ethos, whether it's as simple as sausage and paté or as elaborate as haggis and Bangladeshi stewed trotters. In New York, you could eat different offal dish every day for a year and still be spoiled for choice. Even d.o.b. 111 -- a middle-of-the-road kind of place -- serves the most wonderfully creamy lamb brain ravioli.

Whatever you call offal -- variety meat, guts, organs -- the term has come to mean the parts of the animal that are not skin, muscle, or bone. (Although some muscles are also offal, like heart and tongue.) That includes bits like tendons, intestines, stomach, marrow, blood, feet, and head.

As always, a list of 10 necessarily leaves out some excellent dishes, so let us know if we've missed your favorite.

Ready for liver, thymus gland, and tongue? Right this way.

Clockwise from top left: tongue tip, tongue sinew, and regular old tongue. The marinade is a mixture of salt, garlic, and sesame oil.
10. Num tok noodles with pork liver, Nusara (Thai), 82-80 Broadway, Queens, 718-898-7996

9. Beef "tongue experience" (tender tongue tip, chewy tongue sinew, and beefy tongue muscle served raw to grill at the table), Takashi (Japanese, Korean, grill), 456 Hudson Street, 212-414-2929

8. Tongue tacos, Tacos el Bronco (Mexican, tacos, street cart), Fifth Avenue and 43rd Street, Brooklyn, open evenings/nights only

7. Calf's liver meunière, Chez Napoleon (French), 365 West 50th Street, 212-265-6980

6. Crisp sweetbreads with minted peas, the Breslin (gastropub, New American, British), 16 West 29th Street, 646-214-5788

And what about intestines, tendon, and tripe?

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