Scarecrow, an English Pale Ale Brewed by Wychwood

Scary scarecrow on the label, flying witches pressed into the amber glass of the bottle -- why don't they call it Harry Potter Ale?

"Oh boy," I said aloud, peering into the huge refrigerator case devoted entirely to imported beer at my local Palestinian bodega, "a beer with a Satanic, or at least a Wiccan, theme," noting that the beer had been made by Oxfordshire's Wychwood Brewery in Witney, England.

Alas, when I quaffed, though the beer had a fine medium amber color, the taste was rather dull and flat, too smooth by a mile. That might be good for some -- the beer certainly was refreshing on a humid evening in June, but it left me feeling empty inside in terms of the deeper intellectual enjoyment beer can provide. I give it 57 stars.

Nothing like beer in a canning jar atop your CD player ...

Beer: Scarecrow
Label: Foil -- rustic scarecrow with arms extended as if crucified, owl on shoulder, unseen fox looks on from behind him, symbolic import unclear
Color: Medium amber or slightly darker, depending on light
Body: Medium bodied
Type: Golden English pale ale, certified USDA organic
Foam: 1.5 fingers, small white bubbles; half-life of head: about three minutes
Brewer: Wychwood Brewery, Witney, Oxfordshire, U.K.
Size: 1 pint 0.9 fluid ounces (500 millileters)
Alcohol: 4.7 percent
Price: $5.25
Rating: 57 stars
The Rating System: Out of 100 possible stars. Coors Light is arbitrarily assigned "0," and we're not telling you what "100" is, because we don't want to reveal our beer prejudices.

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