What to Drink at the Smith in the East Village: The Pink Pussy Cat

This Pink Pussy Cat still has its cherry ... yes, we did just go there.
The drink: The Pink Pussy Cat

The bar: The Smith, 55 Third Avenue

The price: $11

The ingredients: Gin, whole chunks of grapefruit, fresh pineapple juice, and grenadine, garnished with -- what else for such a salaciously named drink? -- a cherry.

The buzz ...

It's a refreshingly tart take on the sugar-bomb that is ubiquitously guzzled (and duly disgorged) along Bourbon Street in New Orleans: the Hurricane. In lieu of rum and passion fruit, the Pink Pussy Cat makes use of gin and grapefruit, a combination that screams summer sipping. Or rather drawls it, lazily. The Smith may be poised for uptown expansion, but if this little number is any indication, it will always have a displaced Southern accent.

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Location Info

The Smith

55 Third Ave., New York, NY

Category: Restaurant

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