Where Am I Eating? — La Taza de Oro, in Chelsea

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Yes, it's a bowl of Puerto Rican mondongo, the celebrated tripe soup.

It took Harold Turkoman about an hour after the contest went up to identify the origin of the chunky yellowish soup as Chelsea's La Taza de Oro (96 Eighth Avenue, 212-243-9946), one of the city's few remaining Puerto Rican coffee shops.

Excellent work, Harold. Your prize is a cookbook selected from the Fork in the Road stash. Please send your snail mail address to sdigregorio@villagevoice.com, and she'll give you a choice of cookbooks.

Thanks again for playing the contest.

Also, thanks to Harbra for confirming Harold's guess.

The interior never changes at La Taza de Oro ("The Cup of Gold").

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