Dish No. 70: Grilled Octopus at Thistle Hill Tavern

Welcome to 100 Dishes to Eat Now, Fork in the Road's handy list of some of our favorite dishes -- old standbys and new finds alike -- compiled daily.

Today's pick: Grilled octopus ($15) at Thistle Hill Tavern (441 Seventh Avenue, Brooklyn, 347-599-1262).

In the spring, the octopus was served on polenta with crisply fried artichokes, kalamata olives, and a heap of parsley, as in the photo above. Right now, it shares a plate with charred romaine and a nutty romesco sauce.

In either season, those flavorful extras dress up a fat tentacle of cephalopod that's so expertly cooked you could eat it on its own, in a hot dog bun (that's an idea!). The octopus has a tender bite, its mild meatiness augmented by spots of crunchy char.

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Location Info

Thistle Hill Tavern

441 Seventh Ave., Brooklyn, NY

Category: Restaurant

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