Baoguette and V-Nam Cafe Offer New York Yet Another Banh Mi Skirmish

Sarah DiGregorio
Do not mess with Michael Huynh, or his banh mi.

Almost a year ago to the day, Brooklyn offered us a banh mi feud between Hanco and Henry's, the latter of which was opened by a former employee of Hanco's and served a shamelessly identical menu.

And now this August has given us Baoguette vs. V-Nam Cafe.

The former is, obviously, Michael Huynh's chain, while the latter is the project of a former employee of both Baoguette and Bar Bao. According to Eater, V-Nam opened 10 days ago with a menu almost identical to that of Baoguette, and then closed after Huynh allegedly threatened the owner with a lawsuit. The place will supposedly reopen with a different menu, but that's not enough to keep Huynh from continuing to serve up some hot, steaming whup-ass by offering a steep discount to any V-Nam customers who come in to Baoguette with a V-Nam menu for the next 45 days. Advantage: Huynh.

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Baoguette - CLOSED

61 Lexington Ave., New York, NY

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